Thursday, July 26, 2012

July update (and testimonies!)

   This has been a busy weekend/week! We spent Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night at the Hub because our friend Kris (from Bethel healing rooms) was in town holding healing meetings. We had the extreme blessing of being able to minister under him and seeing people healed, touched, and filled with the love of God! It was an amazing time and Paul and I both felt so alive as we were able to put in action all of the tools we learned from our year out at ministry school. Revival is being poured out in Omaha!
   We have also been speaking to several groups at Waypoint Church (their discipleship students, college group, and youth group). The Lord is showing up in a powerful way!

Some fun testimonies I want to remember:

-A woman was healed of sleeping disorders! I called out a word of knowledge about sleep disorders on Saturday night at the meeting and she told me Monday that for the first time in TWELVE YEARS! she had been sleeping without medication! YAY GOD!
-Many knees were healed
-Paul gave a teenage girl a prophetic word about how her biological father and heavenly father were so proud of her....He had never met her before, but she told us a few days later at one of the meetings that her father had passed away suddenly 7 years ago in a car accident and she hadn't been able to have closure- this was her first time at a service like that and the Lord was anxious to speak to her heart!

  Our hearts are being stirred for revival in Omaha, US, and the nations! We are seeing miracles, deliverances, and the prophetic being poured out. We are praying about how the Lord wants the future to look like... 

  On a personal note, Paul is doing real estate with GTR Sales- the business of our family friends Cameron and Kathy Thomas. They have a niche in the foreclosure department and work with lots of investors. I'm so proud of him and the way he brings kingdom values to business... Just this morning he called me to say he might not be selling a home to a potential client because he wasn't willing to bend the rules- he is so full of integrity and I can't wait to see how the Lord blesses that!

  Theo is the absolute light of our life. I can't stop kissing and squeezing this little guy! I think the whole family agrees... He has lots of love and adoration from both sets of grandparents and all his aunts, uncles, and cousins. :) He is 5 months old and rolls from side to side on his back. I joke that we are stunting his development because he is held so much- I don't care though! I am treasuring every moment with him and taking lots of pictures (with my iphone!) Once I figure out how to synch my phone I will be posting pictures!