Monday, January 30, 2012


Our room... Paul looking for a place to eat.

I should have taken more pics... but it was a 3 course breakfast!

One view of the B&B.

In Lithia Park.

In Lithia Park.

Paul goes for a run :)

View of B&B.

Biggest salad EVER!
   So for our babymoon we ended up going to a bed and breakfast in Ashland, Oregon. It was a good choice because it was only 2 hours away (compared to San Fran which is over 3) and we got a great price on our B&B since it's the off-season.
   We pretty much walked around the town and ate delicious food the entire weekend. Ashland is known for it's theatre and Shakespeare Festival that starts up in the spring. It is very quaint and has amazing restaurants with lots of organic/natural foods. We also did go see a movie too (Contraband) which was good, but highly stressful. The drive between Redding and Ashland was gorgeous! So many mountains.
   I now feel ready for baby :) I figured out how to work our new video camera and all the baby clothes are washed and put away. The swing is assembled and his diaper bag is packed. I even washed the sheets on the guest bedroom bed so it will be ready when my mom gets here. Now it's just up to him!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

37 Weeks- Full Term!

   Puffin is officially full-term! VERY exciting and surreal at the same time. My Dr.'s appointments are weekly and so far I am doing absolutely NOTHING- I haven't dilated at all (sorry if that's TMI). Apart from gaining 3 lbs in 6 days... yes you heard right- that's 1/2 lb every single day this past week- I am no closer to seeing his little face. Paul and I couldn't stop laughing when I stepped on the scale this week because neither of us actually believed that I would have gained so rapidly. Looking back now, it's not such a shocker because I have felt like I had a tapeworm and can't eat enough. Never before in this pregnancy have I been so hungry! I didn't even like sweets for the first two trimesters, but evidently I do now... ice cream has been my bedtime snack and Starbucks frapps are making frequent appearances in my dreams. Dr. S looked at me and said "sugars are your enemy." baahahahah!!! really? my enemy?!! In all fairness, he did tell me that it's important to be careful at the last few weeks because if the baby gets too big there is a greater chance for c-section. He told me to stop eating ice cream every night and drink more water. Just a reminder that he gave me the "danger zone" talk before the holidays about not over-indulging.. I just love him, he keeps me laughing...
  So anyways, all this isn't too dramatic, I haven't gained more than I'm supposed to with the pregnancy and am trying to enjoy my bump while it lasts. California weather is beautiful (though rainy) and I'd rather have a baby in the rain than the freezing cold snow of Nebraska. Can't wait for San Fran this weekend and excited we now have a camera so I can take pics :)
  Stay tuned for 38 weeks entry, I have a special picture to post ;)

how much bigger can I get??

he was kicking :)

Thursday, January 19, 2012

36 Weeks

   36 weeks and plugging along :) I feel very pregnant, but content because I know that now is just bonus belly time for baby. He is developed enough to come at anytime and any additional weeks in womb just gets him more chunkified. 
   Hmmm... maybe wearing black today was not the best idea since you can't see the full scope of what we are working with. My preggo tummy is no joke. I sometimes forget this and feel caught off guard when I'm in a public place and a stranger asks me when I'm due- especially when wearing a coat- I feel like it's 'hidden', but nope! the bump is hard to miss.
   Someone from our revival group told me this week said that he and a friend were talking about how my legs seemed too small to support my body. I would use the analogy of a toothpick with an olive on top of it.. One just hopes the the toothpick can make it a few more weeks without snapping from the excess bulk.
   We have officially started weekly OB appointments and the Dr says baby is head down with a strong heartbeat. I would love to not go over my due date, but that's rare for first-time moms. Hopefully, baby stays in womb another 2 weeks since Paul told me he is taking me on a babymoon to San Francisco next weekend! I can't wait. His job has been very intense and demanding lately so that will be a much needed break. 
   Also, our amazing revival group and my dear friends Courtney and Grace threw us a surprise baby shower on Saturday. We had NO CLUE! We were doused in love and presents and cake and balloons and prophetic words :). I will never forget this day because it really prepared my heart for motherhood. Heather read the book "Love you forever" (I think that's the name) over us and let me tell you: it's a tear jerker! (ok to be honest I didn't cry, but Paul did- I think I was still in shock). I believe Puffin is the most loved unborn baby in all the land... and that leads me to my closing thought: he is still unnamed! eep! only 4 (ish) weeks to decide!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Baby L's Dad

   One of my beginning blog entries was about my sister Annie and I have also written about various family members through my blogging journey, but I haven't gotten to write about my favorite person on the whole planet: my husband! Here is what I want our baby to know about his future father:

Dear Baby L,
   You are going to be one blessed little guy. We are SO excited to meet you and every time we go on a date now we wonder how many outings we have left without you... I want to tell you about your father. You are going to be so crazy about him because he is an amazing man.
   Your dad Paul is hilarious, loving, dead sexy, competitive, and uses sweeping statements like they are going out of style. Almost every day he proclaims something to be "the best" or "the worst" thing ever. He also likes to say he is "99% sure" about whatever it is we are currently discussing. His dramatic comments are a never-ending source of laughter and enjoyment for the whole family- almost legendary I'd say...
   Your dad is a stellar husband. He always has been, but he gets better each passing year. We have learned how to take care of our hearts and Paul is always growing in how to live from a heart that is fully alive. I'm blessed because he is very in tune to my emotions and and feelings- this makes me feel valued and 'seen' by him. He loves well and fights for our relationship even when it's hard (being out at ministry school has unearthed a lot in our hearts that we've worked through, but we are so committed!)
   You dad consistently pursues the Lord. We have grown so much this year being at Bethel and I've seen your father transform into an even more powerful, wonderful person. We love hearing from the Lord and declaring blessing and truth over peoples' lives- (especially yours)! He is very prophetic and senses God's presence. Dad is sensitive to the things of the Lord, but nonreligious at the same time... for instance: he still hasn't outgrown enjoying comedy movies that I find abrasive or laughing at your crazy uncles' racy senses of humor ;) (oh and I'm not talking about your Uncle Grant, Luke or Andrew...hint, hint).
   Your dad is a hard worker. He has literally been promoted at every single job he has had since we've been married. He works now as the case manager of medical care at a health facility here, but his true passion is business and being an entrepreneur. He went back to school after we got married to get his business degree and swears you will never know that he was a nurse because he doesn't want you to get made fun of in school if they ask you what your dad does for a living (for the record, he is joking and we think nursing is an amazing, admirable calling- it's just not his!)... I can't wait to see him in a career that uses all his natural talent- Get ready world!
   Your dad loves people and it is rare to find anyone who doesn't love him back- he endears himself pretty quickly because he is so caring and generous. That is one of my favorite things about him... He lives to give. Most people will never know how giving he is because he doesn't let me brag on him, but I'll give you specifics when you're born since you won't remember anyways ;)... When we first started dating, your dad paid for all of our dates and back then we ate out- A LOT.... As a matter of fact, when he couldn't work for two months because of having shoulder surgery we literally wiped out his savings account (a sizable amount of $) because we were so addicted to eating out. We look back now and don't regret it because we had a blast together. He still takes me out every week. I bet you he will take you on a ton of dates in your lifetime.
   Your dad is an amazing brother, uncle, and son. He adores family and values spending time with both sides of our families. Honestly, he was a crazy man in high school, but your poppa was an amazing father to him while he was finding his way and now they are the best of friends. I love how much your dad loves his dad. He is also nuts about your cousins and loves playing with them and watching them grow up. The thing that is hardest about living so far away in California is not being around your cousins Delaney, Averey, and Josiah because they change so fast... he tells me this often. 
   Your dad will be such an incredible daddy to you. He cried when I told him I was pregnant with you (tears of joy). He has taken me to every single Dr.'s appointment. He carried my unconscious body out of the blood draw room when I passed out cold. We both felt you kick together for the first time at 17 weeks. He held my hand at the ultrasound that told us you were going to be a boy. He prays for you and we talk and dream about your life. When we got out to California this summer I was pregnancy sick for an entire 10 weeks. During that time, he wrote a note to you in his journal that I asked him if I could post in this blog. It is so sweet and does a better job at conveying him as a father than I could explain to you in my own words. I will put it up within the next week or two before you come.
   Your dad is going to have a huge impact on your life and you will be cherished forever. Seeing the two of you together will fill my life with even more love and laughter than we could have had if it were only the two of us. We cannot wait to pour all our love into you and then stand back and watch who you become. 

I love you so much!
Mom :)

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

35 Weeks

   35 weeks! I can't believe it...
   I hope I don't have to wait longer than 5 weeks to meet you Baby L, but grow until you are ready!
   During school this week I sometimes go stand at the back of the sanctuary with my back against the wall because I get sore sitting for so long. I'm starting to feel really large and my stomach muscles hurt because you are growing so much...When you kick it almost hurts- you're a strong little guy! But each movement makes me smile because it reminds me you're coming soon... NEXT MONTH as a matter of fact.
  This week your pack-n-play will be delivered (thanks to the Thomas family!), your car seat/stroller set, and a small swing. Nana and Poppa Lanphier are sending us video monitors for you so we can see your sweet face even when we aren't in the room (we are spoiled!) I'm starting to get things together for your arrival and your dad and I have a hospital tour this Sunday :)
  I also got home from Omaha this last weekend and have been 'nesting' like a crazy person. I feel obsessive about cleaning and getting the house in order. The best way I know to describe it is like some one shot adrenaline into my veins and I can't sit still. Your dad and Uncle Turner were commissioned by me to assemble a book shelf and it took them the whole night... I sat on the couch and laughed at the two of them trying to put together a very simple shelf that seemed rather complicated for them... it made my night. We need the bookshelf so I can use a storage container for your clothes... all our books from school have been in there, but now it will be for you :)
  Love you so much and we can't wait to meet you! xoxo

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The day it all hit me

   I am not a clueless person. The last almost 34 weeks I have watched my body grow and stretch to unusual proportions, but yesterday it just hit  me that I am actually going to have a baby next month. The reality of that is the most exciting and crazy thought, but it's true- time keeps moving and each second brings Paul and I closer to becoming a family of 3. 
   I want to say that I know I'm going to love being a mom. I can't wait to hold our baby and pray over him and kiss his (maybe?) chubby cheeks. I know Paul will be a great dad because he is the most loving and involved uncle I've ever met. As a matter of fact, he spent last night playing 'tigers' with our two nieces ages 2 and 4. He didn't even complain about his knees hurting or having his face stepped on when his tiger character 'died.' He's got this. I've got this.
   Nesting must be what I was feeling yesterday because I got this panicky feeling that the baby was going to pop out at any second and I have NOTHING bought. When I go home this Saturday I think I will rush to Target to use my baby shower gift cards and buy everything I need. I also was freaking out because Puffin still doesn't have a name (eek! only 6ish weeks left!) I just kept feeling this sense of urgency so I just took a really long nap. Then I was upstairs getting ready in the bathroom and Paul came up to check on me and I was fighting back tears (kinda like the whole day) and didn't even know why. He prayed for me and talked me through it (props to him since there was even a Nebraska game on at that time), but it still felt very real. I cried again about 30 minutes later sitting in my mom's bathroom (I like to bathroom hop) cutting my ultra-fast-growing-pregnancy-nails and telling her how overwhelmed I felt. She is the best mom ever *tangent*
   She took me to Target and we scoped out everything I need to buy once getting back to Cali. It helped put things in perspective and I felt so much better. I also want to say how grateful I am to her and my sister (and Paul's mom and sisters) for putting on an amazing baby shower (my mom paid for TONS of the food) and made it look easy hosting a houseful. She also cooked for all of us kids and friends non-stop on the break. No joke she went to the grocery store almost everyday. She has taken me shopping, bought baby clothes for us, and let us use her car while here. She is my best friend.
   Ok so ending the how-much-I-love-my-mom tangent. My day got better. Paul and I visited his family, went over to our friends the Dotzlers (they are also pregnant and due in less than 2 weeks!), and stopped by at our dear friends Nic and Angie's so he could see everyone before he left today. I feel confident that we are exactly where we are supposed to and that the Lord wanted and planned for our precious baby to be born in the amazing Bethel environment we are experiencing at ministry school. I just had to blog about yesterday because I want to remember that there were hard days too, pregnancy days where your emotions don't follow logic and you feel like you are about to jump off the high dive naked...
   Thursday morning my mom and I are going to the Women's Hospital because a family friend Cathy DelSenno teaches birthing/breastfeeding classes and is going to give us a tutorial. SOO excited to learn from here since we haven't had time to take a class out in Redding. I will try and remember any juicy tips to share with you readers that is PG level...