Saturday, January 15, 2011

CLEAN: An update!!!!! Day 13

Ok! Day 13 of the 21 day cleanse and going strong! Many of you have sent me messages asking for more information. I would love to talk to anyone about it, but a few posts down I write more about the program... Scroll down and take a look, but: Here is a quick update:

-Day 3: Dad drops off (it’s ok, we forced you to begin the cleanse against your own will anyways).
-Day 5: Mom caves and has a cupcake while baking for dad’s birthday (to be fair, she did jump back on the bandwagon the next day)
-Day 7: Paul quits (he has lost 7 lbs in one week and doesn’t want to loose more. He also confesses he was only doing the cleanse for moral support… If that isn’t love I don’t know what is ;) ). Paul still eats breakfast and lunch with me but eats dinner instead of a smoothie.

   As for myself, I am going to be honest. At about a week into the cleanse I would feel emotional around dinner-time. I literally felt like crying as I watched my family enjoy my favorite meal of the day. I also was more emotional (poor Paul- I have had to apologize a lot!). It has been kind of liberating in a sense that I realize how food motivated I am and want to purpose to not be so controlled by my love for food.
   The first few days I felt a definite dip in my energy levels. I didn’t work out and went to bed really early (partly to keep myself from eating after my dinner smoothie). I am happy to report that I now have increased energy levels and do not struggle feeling hungry like I did at the beginning. I have also learned many healthy ways of cooking veggies that I will carry over into after the cleanse. Luckily, my fantasies about brownies and pasta seem to be less frequent. I am also learning to love green tea instead of lattes when we go to Starbucks. I frequently skim the first few chapters of “Clean” to keep myself motivated and remind myself why I am suffering through.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Memories 4: Dad's 50th Birthday- A Letter

            This is only the second person I have written about in my blog, but my father’s 50th birthday seemed like a good reason to write again.

Dad, where do I begin? I guess I’ll start with you as a father. One of the first memories I have is being around two and grandma had bought me a new outfit. I remember running into your arms and you calling me my nickname: ‘Jelly Bean.’ It’s simple and uncomplicated, but that is why I remember it. It that moment I felt so loved, secure, and safe in your embrace and there was nothing but joy. Those same feelings became a trend throughout the rest of my childhood and that was predominantly because of the love and support of you and Mom.
             I am often struck by how emotional I am. I mean seriously, I have to process. A. LOT. The truth is though; I have been this way since I was a little girl. When I went through my dog training phase you would take me and my Golden Retrievers to class and let me cry after obedience school about how I was discouraged or wasn’t making enough progress or didn’t think I had what it took for the ‘dog show world.’ You listened and processed through ever fear, concern, or query I had of my uncomplicated life. You also spent countless hours ‘tucking in’ Annie and I. Even throughout high school we wanted you to come pray for us before we went to bed. Those prayers would often turn into hour-long talks and conversations. But you always made time. You always said yes.
            The way you love is the reason so many are drawn to you. Dad, you love well. Every person who spends time around you is impacted by you commitment to Mom and us kids. The way you pursues the Lord has created a deep sense of groundedness and security in the family. I believe that because of your integrity all of us kids have a confidence and sense of well being. That’s probably one of the reasons Mom felt safe to follow you into North Omaha and start the Hope Center twelve years ago. You were and still are a trustworthy leader.
            Something I love about you and Mom is that you guys know how to celebrate. You enjoy life and seize every opportunity to live in joy. You love your birthday. You love presents. I think it is amazing you have never lost your zeal for life even when things get hard and work can be discouraging. Your 50th birthday party on Friday was an expression of your contagious appetite for life. No one danced harder on that dance floor than you. As your daughter, I’m so glad that you get to see how many people love and respect you. I think many times people don’t express the depth of their admiration for someone until after that person is no longer on the earth. It makes me happy that you are seeing the fruits of your faithfulness now.
            Dad, thank you for all you have invested in me. You and Mom are even more amazing than most will ever realize. I am so grateful for the way you have been a cheerleader for me my whole life. Paul and I feel it now too. We know that you believe in us, love us, and think we have what it takes. Thank you for your wisdom, counsel, and love.
            Finally, I think your best season of life is still ahead of you. I know that the Lord has many great days in the future. You will only impact more people and develop more gifts as time goes on. I’m so happy you’re my dad and love you so much! Happy 50th Birthday!!!!!!!!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Memories 3: Christmas 2010

   Christmas this last year was so much fun. I just wanted to include a little bit about it in my blog. Both Paul's sister Amy (and her husband Andrew) and my sister Annie were in town so we got to have lots of family time. I took the whole week before Christmas off of work except for Monday and soaked up the extra family time. 
   My mom, sister, and I baked up a storm. We made my mom's famous cheese danishes. I took them to everyone at work and it was a hit! We also made sugar cookies, soups, and crepes.

     Amy and Andrew were in town the whole week before Christmas so we spent lots of time with them and the rest of the Lanphier crew. We had a girls' night out where Jean, Sarah, Amy, and I went to PF Changs, shopping, and Starbucks. The boys went to BBQ and a movie.
    Christmas Eve we spend with the Schenzels and then wake up Christmas morning and open presents and have Strawberry Crepes. 

    We spent Christmas Day with the Lanphiers. I think the pictures show how much fun it is having children around for the holidays. They make everything more special. Delaney and Averey add so much to every family time. 

    I know I didn't write very much about Christmas, but I just wanted to include some pictures on the blog for memory's sake. What a great holiday!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

CLEAN: The Detox!

   Around Thanksgiving, I read a book that inspired a very big goal for 2011: to complete a 21 day detox. "Clean" is by Dr. Alejandro Junger and gives insight into how the digestive system can rid the body of ailments that plague it when given the proper nutrients and time to kick into hyper-drive. The program consists of having 2 meals a day as liquid meals- either a smoothie or soup. The liquid meals must be consumed for breakfast and dinner with the solid meal being eaten at lunch. This way the detox has the whole evening to kick in and rid itself of harmful toxins instead of digesting so much food. The liquid meals are blended organic fruits and veggies with no diary. Instead we use coconut or almond milk. You also are supposed to drink large quantities of water (a good indicator is having to pee every hour). The reason Clean is so effective is that it is gives the body a break from digesting tons of food in order that it can eliminate toxins and mucus, thus allowing itself to restore and heal naturally.
   So YES! I am doing it. I am on day 3 and going strong! Luckily both my parents and Paul are showing me moral support by doing the cleanse as well- so we are all in this together! Below is a picture of Paul and I after our Whole Foods/Trader Joe's trip to get all the ingredients for the cleanse. Look how happy we look... We'll see how we feel at about day 12. Hopefully, I still have friends and am speaking with my family members...

   Also this brings me to my next point. The blessed blessing that is making this whole cleanse possible is my Vitamix blender that I got from Christmas from my parents... This gift ranks up there with the day I brought home my Dyson vacuum cleaner- SHEER ECSTACY. You may think I am being dramatic, but I am not. This bad boy can crush a HALF GALLON of ice in 3 seconds, make hot soup in minutes, and blend smoothies, juices, and mixed drinks. It's that powerful. I'm convinced it's God's gift to man. Though the price is steep, the investment in your health is worth it. I don't regret having one for one minute.
   Isn't it beautiful? Anyways, the cleanse is going well. I'm not as hungry as I was yesterday, and I will be reporting back on the changes I see. I Emily Lanphier, will do this cleanse for all of you readers out there to let you know if it is worth the hunger, discomfort, and expense (it's not cheap to live off organic folks). Until then, buy the book if you are interested and let me know what you think.

Saturday, January 1, 2011


   So the new year is here! Wow 2010 flew by... It is true what "they" say: 'Time goes by faster the older you get.' We rang in the new year with a Kansas City get-away. KC was kinda Paul's and my Christmas gift to each other because we love vacation, plus the International House of Prayer has their annual One Thing Conference every New Years. 
   This last few days in Kansas City were a blast. We stayed two nights and divided our time between the conference and the plaza ;). We spent a few hours at Starbucks (surprise, surprise) and listed top highlights of 2010. They are:

  •  Paul's sister Amy getting married! January 2, 2010- Happy Anniversary!
  • Both of us graduating from college. Paul finished his business degree and I graduated with a bachelors in Spanish.
  • The amazing travels we got take: Colorado, KC, Atlanta, Tennessee, Austin, Myrtle Beach, Cabo, Vermont and West Virginia! Not to mention Paul traveling to multiple other states while running Wellness Clinics.
  • Paul 'retiring' from Nursing at the ripe age of 24 and passing his Real Estate test!
  • My first job in the 'real world.'
  • Great new friendships and lots of quality time with both our families.
  • Significant relational and spiritual growth.
   We also had several hopes and goals for 2011:

  • I desire to spend more time in prayer and learning to be with the Lord.
  • I will attempt a 3 week cleanse the month of January.
  • We plan on buying our first investment property.
  • I am going to start learning how to plant an organic garden. I say 'learn' because I plan on reading how to garden, but will most likely wait to garden until we buy a long-term home.
  •  We both would like to find mentors.
  • We want to read a book a week.
  • We want to serve more.
  • In 2011 we will save up for a trip to Africa to visit cousins Paul and Lindsey Cain! :)
   I know that new years are typically filed with resolutions, but I am ok if none of my goals are accomplished... at least I want to be. I'm simply grateful for the moments of joy that come during while on the journey. I look to a new year with hope and pray that if only one of my goals come to pass it is that I have increased revelation of the Lord's love for me and that I am more infatuated with Jesus than the year before. May I know that He is my treasure, He is my goal. It may sound cliche, but that is what is on my heart. Happy New Year. Happy 2011.