Thursday, June 28, 2012


   So being home is wonderful, simply wonderful. Being a mom is wonderful, simply wonderful. Being parents with Paul is wonderful (and funny)!- So you get the the just- life is wonderFUL (to borrow from Uncle Steve Peterson). I sometimes feel almost guilty when people ask me how the transition to motherhood has been because I am enjoying it so much more than I ever thought I would. I broke down and am writing this blog because I decided to give myself permission to bask in this season of life and document how I'm feeling since I'm hyper-nostalgic. My life isn't perfect, but right now it feels pretty darn close and I just have to be honest! Having a baby away from family was hard, so I feel I appreciate being home all the more...
  So currently:
  Theo and I spend a few days a week hanging out with the Thomas kids. This is surreal since I started watching their youngest, Kaelynn when she was just a few months older than Theo! Now she is holding my baby! So crazy! There is always a waiting list for who gets to hold the baby ;) 

Kaelynn giving Theo the royal treatment!

She is going to be such a good mommy someday!

Cameron and Theo (don't judge his purple bumbo)

   So this child is obviously not receiving a lack of love (opps Just realized I'm missing a pic of Theo and Josh- will have to take one this week!)... As a matter of fact, I joke that Theo has no idea how to self-soothe (mostly kidding!?) He is held constantly! One time I layed him on the floor to have 15 minutes of entertaining himself. I look over 5 minutes later and this is what I found:

Daddy to the rescue...The whole world is against me!!!!! Just kidding, but I sometimes joke that Paul is my biggest parenting obstacle (he isn't too keen on letting Theo cry it out- it kills him!). But boy does fatherhood look good on him:

Seriously could not imagine a more amazing father!
 On another note, Theo turned 4 months old on the 20th.... EEEEK!!! TEARS!!! If you know ANYTHING about me, you know I have a love/hate relationship with father time...

4 month old boy!

Tummy-time isn't his favorite...


 Some 4 month updates: 
-You are grabbing your feet!
-You are laughing more and more
-You love to put your hand in your mouth
-You have good neck control now
-And you aren't the biggest fan of tummy time
-Sleeping 10-12 hours a night!- (which is probably a big factor why I am enjoying motherhood so much!)

   Another reason I am LOVING being in Omaha is family! We are living with my parents for the summer and while this would not work for some people, we are having so much fun! Just look below, even grocery shopping is fun now:

 Also, cousin Josiah is in the same city!

Nana and cousin Josiah
  Love summer and this season of life!!!!! Very grateful!  

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Omaha Living

   EEEK! It's been almost a month since an update, but I wanted to do a quick blog entry so I can remember this time of life (while promising myself I'll update more). Basically, I find that I'm overwhelmed with all my modes of memory keeping (instagram, facebook, twitter, blogging, etc). This week Paul and I got smart phones which means INSTAGRAM! Happy early bday to me! This is partially why I haven't been as good about blogging since I can picture blog on the fly... Here's what's happening now!:

-I am working on a pregnancy journal on Shutterfly to chronicle my pregnancy with Theo... It is a little time-consuming as I am copying my blog entries and weekly pictures into the book (but I have to do it since I'm so nostalgic!)
-Paul activated his real estate license with our adopted family the Thomases (GTR Sales)! He will be doing residential and investment properties.
-Theo and I are "working" and by working I mean spending 5 hours a day with the 4 amazing Thomas kids! Park, zoo, sidewalk chalk, and pure fun! Did I mention their youngest child is 9?? Dream job! For Theo too-he has those kids wrapped around his little baby finger ;)
-We are getting lot of opportunities to pray and prophesy over people since being back. This is so important to us because we want to continue to use our gifts coming out of ministry school. We got to pray over the girls in my mom's and my high school bible study and the Hope Center Staff. Love it!
-Theo continues to bring pure joy and delight to our hearts. We LOVE being parents and are showering him with affection. He is 3.5 months and almost as long as his 9 month old cousin Josiah.. Our little string bean... He loves "running" (vigorously kicking his legs) and is still sleeping 10 hours a night! 

This is a more boring post, but I have to remember every season of life...