Thursday, April 11, 2013

Baby Girl Reveal

    So by now, everyone knows that Baby Lanphier #2 is a GIRL! We had a gender reveal party Monday night with both sides of our immediate families. We had had our ultrasound earlier in the day, but asked the technician not to tell us the gender, but write it in a note card and we would bring it to our friend who was going to fill cupcakes with either pink or blue icing depending on the results! It was SO much fun! I seriously was nervous right before biting into the cupcake. 

Thanks to our amazing cupcake maker Lexie Freshman for such GORGEOUS cupcakes!!
 We also made our families guess the baby's sex:

Family guessing GIRL

Family guessing BOY
   It was one of the highlights of my year so far having a gender reveal party. There is just something so special about sharing in the excitement of a new life with those you love the most- plus, I love any excuse to have a celebration!

About to take the bite!

Sheer joy! Pink frosting in the middle!
Disbelief! I was convinced it was a boy.
SOOOOOO excited

Hug from my dad :)
Results that the ultrasound tech wrote in the card.
    It was extra-meaningful to find out our baby is a girl because Paul and I have both had dreams about our daughter even before Theo was born. I actually had a dream about my future daughter when I was in high school and when we described to each other what we had seen in our dreams it was remarkably similar. We know that she has an amazing destiny and purpose and couldn't be more thrilled to meet her in a few short months...

Sweet baby girl.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Baby #2: 17/18 weeks

   So I seemed to have lost my knack for blogging... This is my first post in 3 MONTHS! I can't say that I'm completely on board, but I keep feeling like this baby #2 will be sad if I have weekly updates with Theo and none for him/her. So here we go... but disclaimer to baby #2: I do not commit to weekly- I'll do my best.
  What has life looked like the lately? Busy! Paul, Theo, and I just got back from a month in California (Paul was doing wellness clinics for Google so T and I tagged along). It was a great time in many ways. We loved seeing friends from ministry school last year at Bethel, and traveled to many cities in the Bay area. However, a major draw-back was my "good sleeper" baby because a co-sleeper and there was NOTHING we could do about it. I wasn't about to subject the entire hotel to him crying it out. So coming home has made for a rude awakening (for parents and Theo- sleep training sucks). Oh, and did I mention we've hit the tempter tantrum phase?! Pray for me. Seriously.
   Oh, back to the purpose of this post: pregnancy. Ahhh pregnancy. What is there to say? If you followed my first time around you know I'm not the model of a happy pregnant person (in all fairness, I only know a few of those girls). Luckily, for Paul's sake, #2 is going more smoothly in many ways. For example: I'm not bedridden for months at a time, no trips to the ER have been made for dehydration, I have NOT been woken up in the middle of the night because of my pelvis feeling like it was splitting apart, and most importantly I can eat Chinese food this time!
   Now to get real: I didn't ever feel hyper emotional with my pregnancy with Theo (maybe I was too sick to notice. But this time?? SOS... call the prayer chain... get me shock therapy. I'm sorry if this offends you, but I feel plain violent at times (kinda kidding, kinda not). On one occasion, Paul and I were having a disagreement and I was feeling so upset I had to stop the conversation with "I'm sorry, but all I want to do is punch you in the face right now." For the record, this is not normal for my temperament. I hate UFC, hockey, and seeing people in pain in general. I must just be having a "Diary of a Mad Black Woman" phase. And for the record no husbands have been harmed in the making of this baby... Mostly, I think this side comes from months of poor sleep with my Bubzie.
   So here is a pic from last week at 17 (I'm 18 weeks now, but am too lazy to snap a pic)

    Stay tuned next week: I will be 19 weeks and find out baby's sex. We are having a gender reveal party with our families and will only know the result after biting into a cupcake... So Pink or Blue??!! you can leave your guess. I'm not even guessing because it changes every week. With Theo we were positive it was a boy and feel uncertain with baby #2. We will be thrilled either way! Although I have to say I think I only have (maybe) one more pregnancy in me...