Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 Ending

I have been wanting to blog for a while, but this last month has been one of the busiest months of my life! We had company for Thanksgiving (our friends Courtney and Patrick that we met while going to school out at Bethel), a month of nightly services up at the Omaha HUB (with Paul helping out so up there most nights), and then went to West Virginia for Christmas. This made for a crazy holiday season, but a wonderful time to make memories. Speaking of which, Theo crawled for the first time on Christmas day! He is so stinking cute I can barely stand it. We were actually all convinced he had skipped the crawling stage and was going straight to walking, but he proved us wrong! Obviously, I immediately posted a video of him crawling to my YouTube channel (which is pretty much a Theo channel).
So today is the last day of 2012. What a year it has been! Finishing ministry school, having our first baby, and moving back to Omaha to be around family. We have become more involved in doing ministry this year (really since October) and have grown more in 2012 then any year yet! I think that this year was about setting our foundation for how we related to our faith, family, and mindsets. I feel like this was a “bonus year,” where we had a lot of unusual circumstances that allowed us to have more time than we normally would as a family, but it was the Lord’s kindness as we formed a lot of habits that will be a part of our family culture.
As we look to 2013, we see a time of setting down roots, investing in career, and stability. Our friends Beau and Grace are going to Europe this summer and we would love to travel with them (especially since we only have 1 kid and could leave him safely in the States with grandparents!) I personally am resolving to cook more in 2013 than I did this year. I am also looking forward to going on a ‘vision retreat’ with Paul in a few weeks (our Christmas gift to each other this year). 2013 looks like it may be a pretty amazing year!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Memory document

   I am one of the most sentimental/nostalgic people I know... I can say this because last month, I teared up at a Chick-fil-A in Kansas City witnessing an unknown family throwing their child a 1st birthday party. Why? Because I was forced to think about my own baby turning 1 in February. I blog, Instagram, and make Shutterfly memory books like it's my job, just so I can document all the 'firsts,' milestones, and memories. I was on the verge of starting Theo his own notebook where Paul and I write notes to him throughout his childhood, but my mother-in-law gave me an awesome idea I want to share here. 
   I have begun writing out a few sentences a few times a month in a Word document. It is easier for me to commit to than the idea of writing several pages in a journal. I may compile entries monthly after he passes the 1 year mark, but for now I'm trying to log a few notes every month :) Here is what Theo's Memory Document looks like so far:
7.5 months old

-10/10/2012- You love to grab everything! You babble and “talk” to us. You are not a fan of self-entertaining… Today I set the timer to give you five minutes of playtime without me and you made it only 3.5 minutes before having a total melt-down :)  – Mommy

-10/11/2012- Theo, you are not a morning-baby ;) you cry very hard until your bottle is in your mouth… you also fuss if anyone tries to talk to you while you are drinking your first bottle of the day- you prefer quiet! Once you have had your milk, you are like a new baby-happy and snugly! – Mommy

10/12/2012- I can feel your first tooth coming in on the bottom! Can’t wait to see it! –Mommy

10/17/2012- I buckled you in the grocery cart for the first time while shopping at Target today- you loved it! You blew bubbles with you mouth and babbled a lot… I couldn’t stop kissing your chubby cheeks- you are starting to look like a big boy :) :( -M

8.5 months old

11/06/12- You had your 9 month check up yesterday (half a month early). Dr. Douglas says you are incredibly smart and advanced physically. He thinks you aren’t crawling or walking because you figured out if you cry we will take you wherever you want to go J. I have let you fuss the last few days while you try to ‘entertain yourself’ – it makes me so sad to hear you cry! Also, you are 26% for weight and 49% for length.. you weigh almost 19 lbs. Your two teeth are poking through the bottom and Dr says you have two coming in on top… -M

   If my kids are have as nostalgic as I am, they will realllllly appreciate their memory documents someday... 

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Fall 2012

   So, I love fall. As I become with many things, I am quite obsessed and look forward to this season EVERY YEAR! Last year, I was robbed of my autumn experience because #1-we lived in Redding, CA (northern Cali), which does not have a fall season because of the heat and #2- I was sick with my pregnancy. This #2 was a MAJOR drag because I had been self-talking my sick, preggo, self all summer that pumpkin spice lattes would soon be my reward. I was planning on drinking as many as I wanted (since I was pregnant (with less shots of esspresso of course)). BUT I never got well enough to enjoy them... which really bummed me out. 
  All this to say, fall in Nebraska has been pure bliss! We went to the pumpkin patch twice within a 72 hour period (once with my fam and once with Paul's). Even though Theo is too young to enjoy the PP I made sure and milked it enough for the both of us!
Uncle Fabio sporting Theo

"Gosh guys! I better put this in my mouth just like I do EVERYTHING these days.."- T
4 Generations!
Hayrack ride!
Theo's favorite thing at the pumpkin patch...

Uncle Tyler is soooo much fun!

Busy day..

Family of 3!!!
Again with the straw....

Pumpkin path round 2 with cousins on Lanphier side!
corn pit love

   All I have to says is that if fall is this much fun, Christmas will be plain ridiculous....

Sunday, September 16, 2012

A litte perspective

  Do you ever just have an off day? I am happy to report that I have less "funk" days the older I get and the more I mature- but yesterday was one of those days. My baby was fussy and teething, my husband was home for only a day before leaving for a work trip, and I felt tired. Urg, can anyone say #funkcity??? Crap, I could feel myself getting sad mid-day, bracing for my husband leaving and missing him even though he was with me. Then I was irritated with myself for being sad on the one day he was in town... dysfunctional cycle... actually, let's hashtag that sucker #dysfunctionalcycle...
  I cried in the car after we had to leave Starbucks early because Theo was fussing... I cried, ok,- you caught me, I sobbed. I told him we should maybe only have two kids so that I could have enough quality time in the future- DARN having "quality time" as my #1 love language- there are just no short cuts to filling my love tank!!! If I wasn't sure I couldn't be pregnant I probably would have thought I was! Nope, just living life imperfectly.....
  Paul (who is a pro by now at handling emotions) just spoke life over me- told me that this day doesn't define me, that I am a powerful person who can handle life, etc. That popped me out of my funk about being apart the coming week and I was able to enjoy the rest of the night with him.
  So today, guess what happens?!! I meet a wonderful, sweet woman from Kenya at a birthday party. She and I start talking and lo and behold, she has been living away from her husband for SEVEN year... yes, SEVEN years. She is here going to nursing school, working, and sending home money to Kenya. By herself. She has 2 kids- also still in Africa. She came to Omaha not knowing anyone or anything about American culture... She looked at me with tears in her eyes saying that she missed her husband, but she was strong and had deepened her relationship with the Lord. "He's all I've had. I thought I knew God before this experience, but no, now I know God. This time has brought me so close to Him." I stood there literally having an encounter with gratitude just talking to her. I asked her if I could hug her and said that I was pretty sure God had sent her to tell me her story at the perfect time. 
   Nothing like a little perspective. So tonight I came home, I tucked my baby into bed. I called my husband and told him how thankful I am for our life together. Now I am laying in bed, praying for my new friend and grateful for the opportunity to live my life with more joy.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

iphone momma

  I love having an iPhone- really, it's a mom's best friend... but let's review all the social media modes I use: 1. Facebook (duh) 2. Twitter 3. Instagram (emilylanphier) 5. Pinterest 6. this BLOG and as of today- 7. YOUTUBE! My girl Meghan, made me an account so I can upload all of Theo's baby milestones directly to the web (user name: emilylanphier). WOW! Someone is a sucker for memories. I just simply cannot help myself... Having "Input" in your top 5 strengths is a blessing and a curse... I just keep collecting modes of memory keeping. That's what this blog truly is for me- a memoir.  
   I have renewed vision for blogging because I'm so grateful for the pregnancy memories I have from blogging. I am currently making a pregnancy journal from Shutterfly based off my Theo baby blog entries ;)
  Here is a quick caption from my life now: I really adore being "retired" as I tell everyone. I mean, who doesn't love having their full-time job being to love another human being? I am so smitten with Theo that I am thinking about writing a children's book- this is not a joke. I literally feel like being a mom has given me a download of divine creativity and tapped into parts of my heart that I didn't even know existed!
  Down side to being retired?: Hmmm... I'll get back to you... I do keep thinking that having only one baby is easiest because it's one on one... two babies may get hectic, but that brings me to another revelation: refuse to let someone else's experience dictate your expectations for your life. Paul and I decided early on that we "flush" (get rid of) bad advice and negative warnings like "Oh, just wait until they are two years old," or "just wait until the second kid comes..." It's not that we live in denial, but we won't buy into a poor mindset. Well-meaning people would warn me about how big a change motherhood is (when I was pregnant with Theo) and guess what?  We flushed the words, spoke out what we believed was God's plan for my time of transition and result?: I have had the most grace-covered start to motherhood I could have ever hoped for! My breakthrough is yours so take it! :)
  One small downside to retired life has been Theo getting sick for the first time and having a week and a half of no sleep. Don't judge me because not only am I not sleeping, but I think the stinker gave me a cold! It's hard to see your baby sick, but has made me feel like I am "real" mom. I've weathered the storm of sick babyness! One plus from this fiasco has been seeing my husband bringing his "A" game! Dr.'s appts by himself?- no biggie! Taking the night shift?- he's got it covered. Paul Lanphier you are God's gift to my retired self...
  Here are a few snapshots of my iphone usage: Sorry these are all of Theo- wait, no I'm not!

finally crashed after a very rough sleepless night :( (1st time being sick)

Baby space captain

no filter- at his cousin Josiah's 1st birthday party

Clean baby

melt. my. heart.

dreaded tummy time

Thursday, July 26, 2012

July update (and testimonies!)

   This has been a busy weekend/week! We spent Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night at the Hub because our friend Kris (from Bethel healing rooms) was in town holding healing meetings. We had the extreme blessing of being able to minister under him and seeing people healed, touched, and filled with the love of God! It was an amazing time and Paul and I both felt so alive as we were able to put in action all of the tools we learned from our year out at ministry school. Revival is being poured out in Omaha!
   We have also been speaking to several groups at Waypoint Church (their discipleship students, college group, and youth group). The Lord is showing up in a powerful way!

Some fun testimonies I want to remember:

-A woman was healed of sleeping disorders! I called out a word of knowledge about sleep disorders on Saturday night at the meeting and she told me Monday that for the first time in TWELVE YEARS! she had been sleeping without medication! YAY GOD!
-Many knees were healed
-Paul gave a teenage girl a prophetic word about how her biological father and heavenly father were so proud of her....He had never met her before, but she told us a few days later at one of the meetings that her father had passed away suddenly 7 years ago in a car accident and she hadn't been able to have closure- this was her first time at a service like that and the Lord was anxious to speak to her heart!

  Our hearts are being stirred for revival in Omaha, US, and the nations! We are seeing miracles, deliverances, and the prophetic being poured out. We are praying about how the Lord wants the future to look like... 

  On a personal note, Paul is doing real estate with GTR Sales- the business of our family friends Cameron and Kathy Thomas. They have a niche in the foreclosure department and work with lots of investors. I'm so proud of him and the way he brings kingdom values to business... Just this morning he called me to say he might not be selling a home to a potential client because he wasn't willing to bend the rules- he is so full of integrity and I can't wait to see how the Lord blesses that!

  Theo is the absolute light of our life. I can't stop kissing and squeezing this little guy! I think the whole family agrees... He has lots of love and adoration from both sets of grandparents and all his aunts, uncles, and cousins. :) He is 5 months old and rolls from side to side on his back. I joke that we are stunting his development because he is held so much- I don't care though! I am treasuring every moment with him and taking lots of pictures (with my iphone!) Once I figure out how to synch my phone I will be posting pictures!

Thursday, June 28, 2012


   So being home is wonderful, simply wonderful. Being a mom is wonderful, simply wonderful. Being parents with Paul is wonderful (and funny)!- So you get the the just- life is wonderFUL (to borrow from Uncle Steve Peterson). I sometimes feel almost guilty when people ask me how the transition to motherhood has been because I am enjoying it so much more than I ever thought I would. I broke down and am writing this blog because I decided to give myself permission to bask in this season of life and document how I'm feeling since I'm hyper-nostalgic. My life isn't perfect, but right now it feels pretty darn close and I just have to be honest! Having a baby away from family was hard, so I feel I appreciate being home all the more...
  So currently:
  Theo and I spend a few days a week hanging out with the Thomas kids. This is surreal since I started watching their youngest, Kaelynn when she was just a few months older than Theo! Now she is holding my baby! So crazy! There is always a waiting list for who gets to hold the baby ;) 

Kaelynn giving Theo the royal treatment!

She is going to be such a good mommy someday!

Cameron and Theo (don't judge his purple bumbo)

   So this child is obviously not receiving a lack of love (opps Just realized I'm missing a pic of Theo and Josh- will have to take one this week!)... As a matter of fact, I joke that Theo has no idea how to self-soothe (mostly kidding!?) He is held constantly! One time I layed him on the floor to have 15 minutes of entertaining himself. I look over 5 minutes later and this is what I found:

Daddy to the rescue...The whole world is against me!!!!! Just kidding, but I sometimes joke that Paul is my biggest parenting obstacle (he isn't too keen on letting Theo cry it out- it kills him!). But boy does fatherhood look good on him:

Seriously could not imagine a more amazing father!
 On another note, Theo turned 4 months old on the 20th.... EEEEK!!! TEARS!!! If you know ANYTHING about me, you know I have a love/hate relationship with father time...

4 month old boy!

Tummy-time isn't his favorite...


 Some 4 month updates: 
-You are grabbing your feet!
-You are laughing more and more
-You love to put your hand in your mouth
-You have good neck control now
-And you aren't the biggest fan of tummy time
-Sleeping 10-12 hours a night!- (which is probably a big factor why I am enjoying motherhood so much!)

   Another reason I am LOVING being in Omaha is family! We are living with my parents for the summer and while this would not work for some people, we are having so much fun! Just look below, even grocery shopping is fun now:

 Also, cousin Josiah is in the same city!

Nana and cousin Josiah
  Love summer and this season of life!!!!! Very grateful!  

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Omaha Living

   EEEK! It's been almost a month since an update, but I wanted to do a quick blog entry so I can remember this time of life (while promising myself I'll update more). Basically, I find that I'm overwhelmed with all my modes of memory keeping (instagram, facebook, twitter, blogging, etc). This week Paul and I got smart phones which means INSTAGRAM! Happy early bday to me! This is partially why I haven't been as good about blogging since I can picture blog on the fly... Here's what's happening now!:

-I am working on a pregnancy journal on Shutterfly to chronicle my pregnancy with Theo... It is a little time-consuming as I am copying my blog entries and weekly pictures into the book (but I have to do it since I'm so nostalgic!)
-Paul activated his real estate license with our adopted family the Thomases (GTR Sales)! He will be doing residential and investment properties.
-Theo and I are "working" and by working I mean spending 5 hours a day with the 4 amazing Thomas kids! Park, zoo, sidewalk chalk, and pure fun! Did I mention their youngest child is 9?? Dream job! For Theo too-he has those kids wrapped around his little baby finger ;)
-We are getting lot of opportunities to pray and prophesy over people since being back. This is so important to us because we want to continue to use our gifts coming out of ministry school. We got to pray over the girls in my mom's and my high school bible study and the Hope Center Staff. Love it!
-Theo continues to bring pure joy and delight to our hearts. We LOVE being parents and are showering him with affection. He is 3.5 months and almost as long as his 9 month old cousin Josiah.. Our little string bean... He loves "running" (vigorously kicking his legs) and is still sleeping 10 hours a night! 

This is a more boring post, but I have to remember every season of life...

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day Nonnie!

Happy Mother's Day to a ROCKSTAR mom. Here are some highlight memories of my mom and hopefully anyone who reads this is inspired and encouraged about the role a mother can play in her childrens' lives- I believe it's in the top 5 most impactful jobs on the planet and Terri Schenzel nailed it while we were growing up and gets more and more wonderful with her adult children...

Memory 1: Our 'performances.' As old family videos prove, my sister and I had a knack for putting on some pretty stellar shows... We would dance around the living room for my parents and brothers to the tune of Amy Grant and especially seemed to like her Christmas album. I love how engaged my mom was. In every video you can just sense what a 'present' mom she was (and is) we always felt so 'seen' (which may explain why my marriage works best when I get lots of attention-quality time all the way baby!!)

Memory 2: Reading. My mom is seriously one of the BEST readers... She read to us for hours (some of us more than others- I don't think Turner could sit still for very long). She even did voices for the different characters... we would frequently ask my dad: "ummm...actually.... can mom read this book to us instead???" because he just wasn't quite as animated. I have memories mom getting choked up reading Max Lucado's "The Crippled Lamb." She would also get each of us a special book every Christmas-we loved that (some more than others (refer to above comment about Turner))...

Memory 3: Singing/rocking. We used to have this old creaky rocking chair that my mom spent hours in rocking us and singing the song: "Jesus, Jesus, Jeeeeessssuuuus there's just something about that name... master, saviour, Jesus, like the fragrance after the rain...." I now cry when I'm rocking my own baby and singing that song because it takes me back.

Memory 4: The get-a-way. When I was around 12ish (can't remember exactly) my mom planned a one night hotel get-a-way to give me 'the talk.' She not only made it a super special right of passage, but she had dropped off a gift basket earlier in the day so that it was waiting in our room when we arrived. At first I thought it was a gift basket from the hotel staff (I guess I didn't get out much), but she had specially picked out girlie things that were very meaningful and to this day is one of my favorite gifts I've ever received.

Memory 5: Missions trips. My mom has been on TWO missions trips with me. While I was in high school we went to both Costa Rica and Mozambique... Seriously, what high schooler wants their mom to come on an international trip with them and their friends???- THIS ONE! My mom and I have such special memories because of that- She also went on a trip with my sister to Afghanistan when Annie was in high school...

 Memory 6 :Nonnie. It's so fun that this is my mom's first Mother's Day as Nonnie. Can't believe I'm old enough to be a mother and therefore she is old enough to be a grandmother... the woman doesn't look like a grandma!!!! But honestly, I am SO glad my mom arrived in time for Theo's birth- she literally saw him come into this world (no details) and there is no one else who would have made that day as special as she did.

Mom, You release a piece of glory to this earth by just being who you are and doing what you do best: loving and mothering people. And SERIOUSLY: you need to write a book.


Monday, May 7, 2012

Stretch Marks

"The only reason God stretches you out is so He can push more in... Every great Christian has stretch marks." - Graham Cooke

   I have been thinking about stretch marks lately :) This quote by Graham Cooke is so powerful because it uncovers a deeper truth... Anything hard we are going through is only an opportunity to see what the Lord has to give you. How are you being stretched? Stretching means growth... What does God want to be to you in your situation? 
 Even pregnancy stretch marks are an example of a painful process designed to give you a gift. Stretching= promotion
  So be stretched and be blessed!

P.S. Highly recommend Graham Cooke's "The Art of Brilliant Thinking" -these teachings are changing my life!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Paul's Recap of Tijuana

   Thank you to everyone who supported and prayed for me on my Tijuana Missions trip. It was an amazing time where God came and encountered Tijuana on so many levels. When we live our lives in faith and take radical risk it’s amazing how He continually comes and blesses us and other people beyond what we thought was even possible.
   On the first day, I had an encounter with the Lord that forever changed me. I learned that if I never did any great miracles or led anyone to Jesus on the entire trip that I am accepted and loved by my Father. I feel like it shook my identity in a  wonderful way. The great thing is though, God still loves to do miracles and loves people so much that He was going to use me to show them. We had so many miracles happen, but I’m going to share a couple that rocked me to the core.
   On Friday, we went to a church where joy was not in the building. You could tell they were sincere, but were not experiencing the love or joy of our Father. I was on my way to the bathroom during worship (don’t judge me), when I saw a lady coming out of the bathroom with crutches. So I asked her what was going on (and couldn’t really understand-I don’t speak Spanish) so I just decided to pray for her knee. I put my hand on her knee and command pain to go. I asked her how it felt and she says there was “fuego” on it, which means “heat or fire”. I said, “that’s good,” then I get this thought to blow on it. I put my hand on her knee and blew and felt it popping. She started crying and said it was completely better! By the end of the night the church was so touched by Papa’s joy they were all dancing (including the lady who came in on crutches). Isn’t God awesome?- He will use us even in the bathroom.
   On Saturday we did an outreach at Revolution Street, which is the red light district. I saw people get healed and God used me to bring several people to an encounter with the Lord and that caused them to surrender their lives. We even saw a couple transvestites give their lives to God. I love how He doesn’t discriminate. On Sunday, we had an amazing church service where several people got healed. Then we went to the hospital where a gang member/heroin user gave his life to God and saw about 15 additional healings.
   One healing at the hospital that really was crazy. There was a little boy who was 13 and had broken his collar-bone that day. He was standing outside with his dad who had called us over because he himself had had his knees healed in the waiting room. Three people were praying for the boy when I had the thought again to blow on his shoulder (reasoning that as believers if Christ is in us, we have the breath of Christ). So our translator asked him permission and he said sure. So I blew on his shoulder and he said he felt electricity. I said, “that’s a good sign, lets me do it again”. So as I blew, I had my hands on his shoulder and literally felt his bones pop back into place. We asked him to try it out. When he lifted his hands with no pain his face dropped. He started swinging his arms and was completely healed. That was our last day in Tijuana, but it didn’t stop there. Our team got to host a service at a Vineyard Church in Laguna Niguel where we saw lots of people get saved and healed. The one thing I really experienced on this trip is that when God heals he heals the whole person!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

I'm 2.5 months...

   Hello world! I'm 2 and a half months in 3 days and couldn't be cuter! See for yourself?!?:

I don't like to brag, but I'm sleeping 10 hours a night and then snuggle with mom and dad for another 2 hours until 9 am... Then mom and I get up and do 'exercises.'

kicking my baby legs and arms...
 This last week I took my 1st trip to San Francisco. I loved it! I rode the 'muni' and ate at cool places. Mom and Dad took me to the park and covered me with a blanket so my fair baby skin wouldn't bake in the sun... 

 They didn't hardly take any picture because they had their hands full with me... I'm a little high maintenance at times... but BOY! am I smiley in the mornings... we cuddle lots!

I admit giving looks like this is a little unfair... how can mom and dad resist??
  I am excited to be moving to Omaha this month so I can be closer to my cousins, aunts and uncles, and grandparents... Don't you worry though... I'm making sure to give mom a run for her money by refusing to let her put me down while she is trying to pack... She is  a little emotional about leaving the place I was born. We made lots of memories here! Here is a picture from last week where she made dad snap a photo while she was holding me... she had just gotten done crying because I'm growing up so fast... She is VERY nostalgic.

 I love being a baby, but SERIOUSLY! who wants to live on a liquid-only diet forever?!

Friday, April 27, 2012

BABY Lowell (I love you)

   So I won’t go as far as saying that I am responsible for Beau and Grace getting pregnant because that would just be creepy, but I am fairly 100% certain that I played a part… For one thing, (not to make this all about me, but hey! It’s my blog) I’ve always wanted to throw someone a baby gender reveal party and for another thing, I was desperately wanting a friend to be pregnant with out in Cali.
   Some of our amazing friends Patrick and Courtney said that despite holding adorable Theo, they are not ready for a baby (probably because I couldn’t guarantee that any baby would be as cute as him). We also have these these other friends Kyle and Katrina that chickened out too, so that naturally left Beau and Grace…
   We were in the same marriage small group at Bethel and there is a whole big chuck of teaching about sex… there is even ‘homework’ (no details)… but before we were dismissed for the week, the leaders shared many testimonies of how the Lord had blessed couples with children during this time in the class (couples who did the ‘homework’ that is…) and they prayed over all of us that this would be a fruitful season of growth in everyones marriages (what they were actually saying: that everyone would get busy and have babies). Paul and I are over-achievers and had done the homework 7 months in advance and were ALREADY pregnant- very pregnant! During the prayer time Paul and I nonchalantly extended our hands towards Beau and Grace and they laughed assuming we were joking… I laughed too in order to throw them off my trail (I didn’t want them throwing up any counter prayers to what I was about to do). I  confess to you that I literally prayed one of my all-time best prayers that they would get knocked up and guess what?!? IT WORKED!!!!!!!!!!
   So yesterday was very significant as I got to host a gender party announcing the impending arrival of BABY LOWELL and revel in the fact that Bethel was worth every cent because God gives me what I want now ;) (jk).

Yay! LOWELL! you are a boy!!!! Theo's buddy!!

See that bump?!? I did that!- Well, no, but you know what I mean...

Friday, April 20, 2012

Omaha with Theo.

   My baby is changing sooooo fast! I love it, but it makes me cry. He is becoming more and more responsive to us and has even started bringing his hand to his mouth and trying to eat it (I'm thinking he is going to be a finger sucker once he figures it out!). Being in Omaha was so much fun because I got to share these new milestones with my family. My mom and I would lay Theo on his back on a blanket and just play with him as he kicked his legs, cooed, and tried to eat his hand. The simplest things keep us entertained ;)
Mom's bday lunch!
3 Generations... me and my best friend mom.
Theo flirting with Nonnie.
Theo chillin' with PopTart.
Loves kicking his legs

 Theo also met a buttload of extended family members due to my cousin Laura's wedding being the same weekend as my trip home...
Cousin Alys
More cousins!
Theo with the BEAUTIFUL BRIDE!
Smiling in his sleep :)
Great Aunt Marge.
Great Grandpa and Theo
4 Generations!
Aunt Julie
Theo also met his cousin on the Lanphier side of the family (oh wait! those are the only ones he has!) They were very loving! Cousin Josiah did try and pull his hair, but that was the only set back ;)

Cousin Averey helping feed Theo.
Theo and Josiah

Josiah going at it! lol!
Many friends got to meet Theo as well. We really packed it in this trip!!!!
Theo and Mindy!
Theo with his Thomas family!

Uncle Nic and Aunt Ang :)
Melinda 8 months pregnant with Theo's GF Brooklyn :)
Cain Cousins!
Aunt Lindsey!
Love having these pics to document a great trip! It was so fun to be home as a mom for the first time!