Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Supernatural Childbirth

   I've been hesitant to post about this book that I read throughout my pregnancy with Theo. I know many women who have had bad labor stories and don't want to seem like I'm being insensitive to what they went through, but I feel like "Supernatural Childbirth" was SUCH a blessing to me that I want other people to know about it! Please hear my heart as you read this because I'm just putting it out there and you can take from it what you want :) I found it in the bookstore here at Bethel and you can get it on Amazon.. I wanted to experience having my own baby before blogging about SC. 

   The whole premise of "Supernatural Childbirth" is believing the Lord for what He has already accomplished on the cross- freedom from the curse (especially the one about pain in childbirth). The book has many testimonies of women who experienced no pain- yes, you read that right- no pain during their labor and delivery. Jackie also leads you through the biblical grounds for a supernatural childbirth and backs it up with scriptures to meditate on. It was enlightening to read because I didn't  know that a pain-free childbirth was something I could pray for! The author herself had 3 painless labor and deliveries and she wasn't even medically supposed to be able to have children. There are a list of prayers and declarations enclosed in the back that you read leading up to having your baby. It's a wonderful tool that helps cultivate a positive, faith-filled mindset. Bottom line: the book helps take away fear associated with birth.
  So my story: I wrote about Theo's birth last month and you can read about it on this blog (under February 2012 posts) for more complete details, but I had an AMAZING first birth. Was it pain-free? No. Was it significantly better than it would have been had I not read the book? ABSOLUTELY! First off, I have a major issue with needles, IVs, pain, and hospitals in general. I literally pass out cold EVERY single time I get a blood draw. As a matter of fact, getting my IV in the hospital was a bigger issue to me than the actual labor and delivery. So when the time came, Paul held my hand, we spoke to my body and believed for supernatural peace and grace to handle it... and guess what?!? I didn't pass out, wasn't queasy, nothing! That was the first aspect of my labor that was so wonderful. 
  Another answer to prayer was that I went into labor on my own (something I had really been desiring). When we checked into the hospital Sunday night (the night before I was to be induced) I was already in labor! My water broke naturally and even though I was given Pitocin,  it was just standard procedure to speed along labor- not because I wasn't progressing.. that brings me to my next point- I progressed rapidly. Every time my nurse checked me she had good news! This was a point I had prayed into throughout my pregnancy that I would have a quick labor. From the time my water broke until I held Theo in my arms it was 13 hours... which I was pleased with. 
   Theo was a big baby for me- almost 9 lbs (so glad I didn't know that before hand!!!) and I had no tearing or stitches- I was told after the fact that this in of itself is supernatural! Part of that I attribute to having an amazing nurse who knew what she was doing, but I had prayed and spoke life over my body for months- believing that it was made to have babies and knew how to stretch and change without injuring me.
  Finally, I just want to acknowledge that EVERY birth is different and hope that sharing this doesn't cause anyone to compare their experience or think a difficult childbirth is due to a lack of faith- so not the case! My only goal is to give you a vision that bringing babies into the world doesn't have to be like what you see on TV. You can have a peaceful, joyful experience- I did! That is my favorite part of my birth story- there was such an amazing atmosphere of the Lord's presence and I never would have thought I could feel this way while pushing out a baby ;)
   So if you're curious, get the book, if you think I'm nuts, still get the book and let me know what you think! I would so LOVE to know other women who are reading it and believing for awesome childbirths (so I can pray for you and hear your stories)!!! I'm anticipating progressively better births which each child we have.. I've even started praying for our future children's entry into this world now.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Hanabella Maternity/Newborn Photos

   So I've been waiting to post maternity pics and newborn photos that we've had taken until I got birth announcements out... So now that my mom has called and told me she received her announcement she demands I unveil the rest :)

And Theo 6 days old :)

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Week for the three of us...

   So this blog was never intended to be a "mommy-blog," but it may be baby-centered for awhile :) The majority of my life now is taking care of Theo (which I'm told is normal for the 1st few months with a new-born). 
  This last week has been incredible- not because of any big accomplishment, trip, or activity- just because it has been our first week as a family-just the 3 of us. We've had company for the first 5 weeks of Theo's baby life and Paul leaves tomorrow for a 9 day missions trip to Tijuana, Mexico. Even though Pablo's job is high-stress, it is perfect for this season of life mainly because of the flexibility. Going to ministry school, working 30 hours a week, and having a new baby with company in town has made for a bussssy month for my hubster- he handled better than I ever could! So we cherished this week... went on a date, took Theo out and about, watched many episodes of "Arrested Development" on Hulu, and spent time talking about 'us.' I love 'us' even more now after having a baby... It is so fun being parents together. 
  So why am I even blogging about this? It's for my own sake. I know there are times when life can feel completely thrown off with the demands of having a newborn that is solely dependent on me. There are days when I wonder if I will live in yoga pants forever. I have this sense that next month will be a whole different ball game. We will most likely decide where to live in the coming season and then my mind will be preoccupied with preparations to move. But right now, right now I am in this place of feeling very present. I am cherishing each moment the three of us sit on the couch together while I nurse Theo. I cherish our little apartment with the amazing view. I cherish our 2nd-hand furniture that we slowly acquired since we didn't feel like buying nice possessions we'd have to move later... I cherish the simplicity of singing to my baby, reading him Bible stories he doesn't yet understand, and talking to him about the things I know the Lord will do in his life... I cherish the memories and miracles of this year- the amazing breakthroughs, the miraculous provision, and the glorious adventure. These are precious days to me.
Getting some baby exercise.

Morning times together.


And a less than happy moment...


Sunday, March 18, 2012

I can't believe I'm posting about a breast pump...

   So you know that moment when you are at Target and start tearing up because they won't honor the online price for the $300 breast pump you are trying to buy? Yes, I had that moment today when after 2 days of trying to buy a pump on both Target and Babies R Us's websites (to no avail... our PayPal account was malfunctioning) I said "screw this" and marched off to Target to buy the said pump because it was advertised on sale for $255 online. So you can see why I was a little peeped that they were making me pay the $300 for an item that I don't want but desperately need for my sanity. As the tears reveal, I've been a tad emotional the last month and just need to have the option of packing a bottle so I can leave the house with my baby for more than 2 hours without trying to find a place to privately feed him... you moms know where I'm coming from. I called my mom at Target (Paul wasn't answering his phone) and she said to just buy it and I could always return it if Paul wanted us to save the $50. So I did. I bought it and then got home and started crying- yes, full-blown crying because of my breast pump ordeal... Paul wisely said I should forget ordering online and use the sucker el pronto!
   The emotions are a mixture of many things: I think I miss my mom. I feel sad my sister is leaving and wonder how Theo and I will do home alone together all day (with no help). Having a full month of company has made my little sweetie awfully used to being held non-stop.. I only get anything done (shower included) when he is sleeping. The next few weeks could be a major adjustment and I am a sucker... crying it out? yea right... I've done that once and it lasted all of 5 minutes. Being a stay-at-home mom is such a gift, but not living close to our families is just hard :(. Also difficult is not knowing where we will be in May after school is finished. We are praying we have direction soon. Until then I will continue to forge through the new ground of motherhood. This little sweetie sure makes it worth it! 

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Why I need an iphone: Instagram

   All of these were taken by friends, but prove that I need an iphone so I can instagram my adorable baby....

Coffee Date/1st Babysitter

   Let the record show that approx 3.5 weeks after having a baby Paul and I went on our first coffee date post-Theo... It was much needed and we had a wonderful time. Paul told me last night he felt like going to coffee together was like Disneyland (wow a baby changes things!). 

heading out without baby...
   Aunt Nini was Theo's first official babysitter and since Uncle Turner came over she even made the most delish banana crumble muffins (I had 3). That's my kinda babysitter! 

handing with Nini
   Love Aunt Nini! I will be sooooo sad when she leaves. We have watched lots of movies and she has done an amazing amount of baking (and I've supported her by watching and eating).

Monday, March 12, 2012

Theo: 3 Weeks Old!

Hanging with mom!

Looking so much like mom as a baby here that it's scary!

Hello world! I'm 3 weeks old today!

Squishy face

   So Theo is 3 weeks old today! Happy 3 week bday my little Puffin! Aunt Annie arrived at 3 am (pictures with her will make an appearance on this blog very soon.). I'm realizing how hard it is not to post every milestone and picture to FB of my baby! I am so in love with him and obviously think he is the greatest thing to ever grace God's green earth. I keep telling Annie to tell me if I become one of "those moms" who drives people to drink with their constant updates on their children. She told me I had to consult someone else because she is too biased  and obsessed with Theo.... 
  Theo is a WONDERFUL baby... he sleeps 4 and 3 hour stretches at night and doesn't cry unless he is hungry, tired, or needs a diaper change. He has a very sweet spirit and focuses intently on our faces when we talk to him. He is responsive to singing and high-pitched baby talk :) 
  Love being a momma!