Saturday, September 24, 2011

BOY! to the world!!!!!

   Yes indeed! Our ultrasound on Wednesday confirmed what we were pretty sure we already knew: Baby Lanphier (#1) is a BOY!!!!!!!!!!! I will never forget what it felt like to stare at that little screen and see boy privates between Puffin's (baby's womb name) legs- haha. I felt such a gush of love for my baby because I knew I could now refer to him as a 'he' without adding "or her of course" because we accidentally referred to baby as a boy ALL THE TIME!
   It sounds cheesy, but I really feel like the Lord spoke to our hearts about having a boy. Out here at Bethel, I went to a prophetic prayer group with a friend and people who had never met me before and didn't know I was pregnant prayed for me and felt like Holy Spirit impressed the color blue on their hearts. I remember thinking, "it's because Puffin is a boy." That might seem strange to some people, but the Lord loves to connect and speak with us on a personal level and learning to hear His voice is a thrilling experience. God is FUN! And he loves to give us good gifts!!!
   Having a boy is doubly rewarding since a boy cousin was just born last month! Amy and Andrew (Amy is Paul's sister) just had Josiah Paul a month ago. Also, our cousins Paul and Lindsey Cain are having a baby boy in December and friends Josh and Jen Dotzler are having their 2nd little boy in January. Puffin is going to have lots of friends and cousins!
   Finally, I have been feeling much better and even have been having some cravings. I'm on the food bandwagon full-force and looking forward to living up the "eating for two." I seriously, have not craved sweets this pregnancy (good-bye Starbucks drinks :( ). So far I am in love with: popcorn chicken (from KFC), pizza, apples, goldfish crackers, pretty much carbs in general and ANY excuse to douse something in ketchup and mustard. I generally avoid: SOY SAUCE- (typing it makes me gag), garlic, spaghetti, steak, and strong tasting ethnic foods.
19 weeks.

Almost 1/2 way done..

Bring on baby boy!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Hospital Visit and 1st week of Bethel School

   I'm trying to be more consistent about blogging now. I really have missed it, but seeing how I was so sick this summer (from the pregnancy) I was in survival mode and didn't even think about blogging. 
   A small excerpt about how I handle pain... in a short answer: not well. I may or may not mentally make a last living testament and will every time I get the flu, a cold, or even just have to have blood-work done. Paul and I have discovered that I don't just hate pain- I fear it! I will avoid it at all costs and tend to panic at the first sign of sickness. That is my confession. Maybe this is why I married a nurse- I am a high maintenance patient.
   So this weekend was like a scene from Braveheart (and not a heroic scene). I literally threw up over 20 times yesterday I was so sick. I couldn't take a sip of water without getting sick- SORRY TMI! Finally, we decided I needed to go to the ER for fluids- you know I am sick when I am willing to submit myself to needles- I must literally believe I am at death's door. So we go to Mercy Hospital (where I will be delivering in Feb) and actually have a great experience! Everyone is really nice to me and works hard to get me stable with meds before attempting an IV... and it worked! My tummy settled and I was out of there in 2 hours. Hallelujah! I took a photobooth pic of myself with my hospital band-- I think it is a good momento to show my baby someday. Do not judge my makeupless, disgruntled look... it's been a rough day!
I keep telling Paul I am going to leave that wrist band on for as long as possible so people feel sorry for me- jk! But I actually do feel pretty sorry for myself.
   On another note, we finished the 1st week of Bethel's Ministry School. It has been awesome so far! It is a much bigger time commitment than I had thought, but still great! Year one is all about our identity in Christ and how as God's children we are SAINTS and no longer sinners. We are Queens and Kings who are made in Christ's image and created to walk in anointing and power! It has been life-changing teaching and only in the first week!    
   I also want to remember how great our neighbors have been! Shout out to Rebekah and Cheralyn who brought us over a pan of lasagna and Rebekah even brought over hamburger helper she had made today. Also, my sweet neighbor Linda, who lives below brought up some tea from South Africa that is good for pregnancy- how thoughtful. Such a huge, huge help to have such amazing community around during this time away from home.
  I'll update again this week. My 19 week check-up is this Wednesday and we find out if we are having a boy/girl. We both think boy, but it's a great feeling to not have a preference either way. Love, love, love my unborn baby that's made me oh-so-sick ;).

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Summer Recap!

   I never thought I would neglect my  blog for so long, but it has been a cRaZy summer! Since I last posted about finding out we were pregnant I got struck with an unfortunate case of preggo sickness... It felt like I lived through weeks just trying to survive the terrible nausea, vomiting, and dehydration. As a matter of fact, at my 15 week Dr.'s appointment I had lost 4 lbs and weighed less than what I did when I got pregnant- yipes. From week 6 till week 16 I was sick every. single. day. 
   One of the perks of being so sick was my parents flying me home for a week and a half! I really enjoyed my mom's homemade chicken noodle soup and her attentive care. My parents are such blessings in my life. It was comforting to be around them since this is my first pregnancy and has been so rough!
   We still managed to take our pre-planned trip to Cabo with two other couple friends. Unfortunately, I didn't feel well and therefore do not have a single picture- oh well! It was great to be with friends who we have REALLY missed with our Cali move...
   We have now settled into life in Redding. Paul's job is going well (I'm currently not working) and my brother Turner is actually living with us because he is also going to attend First Year at Bethel! We love having him. :) It is VERY hot here (supposed to be 109 on Friday), but we start school Monday and could not be more excited. We love our neighbors and friends that we have connected with since living here. We have been eating up Bethel services and will be enrolled in a marriage class that meets Sundays in addition to our school classes. I can't wait for all that we will be learning and receiving this year. I'm committed to blogging more so I can document our experiences.