Tuesday, August 28, 2012

iphone momma

  I love having an iPhone- really, it's a mom's best friend... but let's review all the social media modes I use: 1. Facebook (duh) 2. Twitter 3. Instagram (emilylanphier) 5. Pinterest 6. this BLOG and as of today- 7. YOUTUBE! My girl Meghan, made me an account so I can upload all of Theo's baby milestones directly to the web (user name: emilylanphier). WOW! Someone is a sucker for memories. I just simply cannot help myself... Having "Input" in your top 5 strengths is a blessing and a curse... I just keep collecting modes of memory keeping. That's what this blog truly is for me- a memoir.  
   I have renewed vision for blogging because I'm so grateful for the pregnancy memories I have from blogging. I am currently making a pregnancy journal from Shutterfly based off my Theo baby blog entries ;)
  Here is a quick caption from my life now: I really adore being "retired" as I tell everyone. I mean, who doesn't love having their full-time job being to love another human being? I am so smitten with Theo that I am thinking about writing a children's book- this is not a joke. I literally feel like being a mom has given me a download of divine creativity and tapped into parts of my heart that I didn't even know existed!
  Down side to being retired?: Hmmm... I'll get back to you... I do keep thinking that having only one baby is easiest because it's one on one... two babies may get hectic, but that brings me to another revelation: refuse to let someone else's experience dictate your expectations for your life. Paul and I decided early on that we "flush" (get rid of) bad advice and negative warnings like "Oh, just wait until they are two years old," or "just wait until the second kid comes..." It's not that we live in denial, but we won't buy into a poor mindset. Well-meaning people would warn me about how big a change motherhood is (when I was pregnant with Theo) and guess what?  We flushed the words, spoke out what we believed was God's plan for my time of transition and result?: I have had the most grace-covered start to motherhood I could have ever hoped for! My breakthrough is yours so take it! :)
  One small downside to retired life has been Theo getting sick for the first time and having a week and a half of no sleep. Don't judge me because not only am I not sleeping, but I think the stinker gave me a cold! It's hard to see your baby sick, but has made me feel like I am "real" mom. I've weathered the storm of sick babyness! One plus from this fiasco has been seeing my husband bringing his "A" game! Dr.'s appts by himself?- no biggie! Taking the night shift?- he's got it covered. Paul Lanphier you are God's gift to my retired self...
  Here are a few snapshots of my iphone usage: Sorry these are all of Theo- wait, no I'm not!

finally crashed after a very rough sleepless night :( (1st time being sick)

Baby space captain

no filter- at his cousin Josiah's 1st birthday party

Clean baby

melt. my. heart.

dreaded tummy time