Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Memory document

   I am one of the most sentimental/nostalgic people I know... I can say this because last month, I teared up at a Chick-fil-A in Kansas City witnessing an unknown family throwing their child a 1st birthday party. Why? Because I was forced to think about my own baby turning 1 in February. I blog, Instagram, and make Shutterfly memory books like it's my job, just so I can document all the 'firsts,' milestones, and memories. I was on the verge of starting Theo his own notebook where Paul and I write notes to him throughout his childhood, but my mother-in-law gave me an awesome idea I want to share here. 
   I have begun writing out a few sentences a few times a month in a Word document. It is easier for me to commit to than the idea of writing several pages in a journal. I may compile entries monthly after he passes the 1 year mark, but for now I'm trying to log a few notes every month :) Here is what Theo's Memory Document looks like so far:
7.5 months old

-10/10/2012- You love to grab everything! You babble and “talk” to us. You are not a fan of self-entertaining… Today I set the timer to give you five minutes of playtime without me and you made it only 3.5 minutes before having a total melt-down :)  – Mommy

-10/11/2012- Theo, you are not a morning-baby ;) you cry very hard until your bottle is in your mouth… you also fuss if anyone tries to talk to you while you are drinking your first bottle of the day- you prefer quiet! Once you have had your milk, you are like a new baby-happy and snugly! – Mommy

10/12/2012- I can feel your first tooth coming in on the bottom! Can’t wait to see it! –Mommy

10/17/2012- I buckled you in the grocery cart for the first time while shopping at Target today- you loved it! You blew bubbles with you mouth and babbled a lot… I couldn’t stop kissing your chubby cheeks- you are starting to look like a big boy :) :( -M

8.5 months old

11/06/12- You had your 9 month check up yesterday (half a month early). Dr. Douglas says you are incredibly smart and advanced physically. He thinks you aren’t crawling or walking because you figured out if you cry we will take you wherever you want to go J. I have let you fuss the last few days while you try to ‘entertain yourself’ – it makes me so sad to hear you cry! Also, you are 26% for weight and 49% for length.. you weigh almost 19 lbs. Your two teeth are poking through the bottom and Dr says you have two coming in on top… -M

   If my kids are have as nostalgic as I am, they will realllllly appreciate their memory documents someday...