Monday, March 28, 2011


   I miss Paul. I may try and put a brave front on, but I seriously cry myself to sleep everynight, I've quit eating and I have written about 20 love poems to him.. and it's only day 11! Ok-JK! but I seriously miss him.    
   He and Keith have left Alaska and are in San Francisco. He calls me two times a day and texts me all the time so at least I feel connected. It's HARD but hey at least we like each other :)
   What am I doing in the mean time?: Spending time with my momma, watching movies with the family, getting together with friends, enjoying meeting with various WAG girls, hanging out with my sis-in-law Sarah and my nieces Delaney and Aves, running, reading, and working.
   We'll keep this post short and sweet. I'll write more later- Over and OUT!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Busy Busy

  EEEK! I have neglected this blog for a month! I feel bad, but we have been so busy! Paul is currently in Alaska and then will be traveling to California to run some clinics. I reallllly miss him, but am flying out to San Francisco in 2 weeks to visit. I will be honest and say that I probably think about Pablo 3 times an hour. We do everything together so it's hard to be apart for so long. The good news is we will have all summer in California not knowing hardly anyone which means LOTS of quality bonding time.
   Life is speeding by as we gear up to leave for Bethel. We have decided that we are selling most of our possessions so as not to pay for a storage unit. Couch, bed, table and chairs from World Market... all must go :( As sad as I am to sell my stuff (I'm nostalgic about all the furniture we bought together as newlyweds), it is very liberating! We are literally driving out with whatever our little Honda CRV can hold.
   We are planning on leaving for Cali the second week of June. We will take about 6 days to drive out and we are going to make a vacation out of it. I've always wanted to see Yellowstone National Park so we will work that into our plans. We are probably going to camp a lot of the way. When we get to Redding, we will drop off our small supply of stuff and drive 3 hours to Sacramento. From Sacramento we are flying to LA for a week of vacation with my boss and her family. Paul and I pretty much get to tag along and then will be watching the kids in the evenings if the adults want to go out. This will be the best job ever- if sitting by the pool at a resort is work sign me up!!! Then it's back to Redding to start jobs and transition for Ministry School. Can't wait!
   So I have been trying to take advantage of this time before we leave. I am also trying to make the most of the time apart from Paul. Last weekend I had a girls night with some good friends. The last few days I have enjoyed cooking healthy with my mom. We watch movies together a lot of nights (cousin Joy joined us on Tuesday night!). I have spent lost of time with family and friend- I know it's important to embrace these memories! Another good way to stay occupied has been training for my half marathon. I am training 5 days a week with my long runs on Saturdays. Last Saturday was 7 miles- this Saturday is 8. I'll try and update again soon...