Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Fall 2012

   So, I love fall. As I become with many things, I am quite obsessed and look forward to this season EVERY YEAR! Last year, I was robbed of my autumn experience because #1-we lived in Redding, CA (northern Cali), which does not have a fall season because of the heat and #2- I was sick with my pregnancy. This #2 was a MAJOR drag because I had been self-talking my sick, preggo, self all summer that pumpkin spice lattes would soon be my reward. I was planning on drinking as many as I wanted (since I was pregnant (with less shots of esspresso of course)). BUT I never got well enough to enjoy them... which really bummed me out. 
  All this to say, fall in Nebraska has been pure bliss! We went to the pumpkin patch twice within a 72 hour period (once with my fam and once with Paul's). Even though Theo is too young to enjoy the PP I made sure and milked it enough for the both of us!
Uncle Fabio sporting Theo

"Gosh guys! I better put this in my mouth just like I do EVERYTHING these days.."- T
4 Generations!
Hayrack ride!
Theo's favorite thing at the pumpkin patch...

Uncle Tyler is soooo much fun!

Busy day..

Family of 3!!!
Again with the straw....

Pumpkin path round 2 with cousins on Lanphier side!
corn pit love

   All I have to says is that if fall is this much fun, Christmas will be plain ridiculous....